A Situation Center is being created at USMU 03-03-2022 News

The Situation Center will work to provide operational support to students and University staff who need help in the current geopolitical situation.

The Situation Center will provide psychological, legal, financial and other assistance to students and employees of the University.

Psychologists, lawyers, employees of educational departments, the international block and other structures of the University are involved in the work.

A helpline for psychological assistance has been organized – you can contact +7 922 144 9 911 (Whatsapp).

Any student or employee of the University can send an appeal or apply for a consultation. This can be done by e-mail usmahelp@yandex.ru or send a message to the above line in Whatsapp.

For our international students, a multilingual WhatsApp hotline has been launched at +79221005546. We are always in touch!

The profession of a doctor is the most peaceful on earth, and today our task is to train highly qualified medical specialists, worthy members of society who will save people’s lives and health.

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