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Hromtsova Oksana Mikhailovna

Head of the Department is Hromtsova Oksana Mikhailovna, doctor of medical sciences, associate professor.

The Department teaches propedeutics and internal medicine for students of the faculty of dentistry and faculty of preventive medicine, and first aid to students of the pharmaceutical faculty, interns and residents in the specialty “therapy”, post-graduate students in specialty “therapy” and “cardiology”.

1 clinical setting
MBU “Central city hospital № 7”, Vilonova str., 33,
Phone: 341-79-85

2 clinical setting
MBU “Central city clinical hospital №1”, Butorina str., 10.
Phone: 341-79-85

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 15:00

E-learning resource is on the website

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