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Prudkov Mikhail Iosifovich

Head of the Department Prudkov Mikhail Iosifovich, doctor of medical sciences, Professor, honored doctor of Russia, chief surgeon of the Ural Federal district.
– SOKB №1 – 2nd floor, administrative unit, office of the head of the surgical clinic.
Phone/Fax: +.7(343)511642; e-mail:
– MBU GKB №14 .– surgical building, 4th floor, room №424. Phone/Fax: +7(343)3528403,e-mail:

The operating surgeon of the highest category has a wide range of surgical techniques – the open surgery, minimal access interventions, videolaparoscopies, robotic interventions, surgical interventions performed using the interfistula endoscopy and x-ray television.
The basic profile of practical activities is repetitive and reconstructive surgery to correct complications of previous surgical treatment, reconstructive surgery of the liver, extrahepatic biliary tract and pancreas, liver transplantation.

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