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Retunsky Konstantin Yuryevich

The Department of psychiatry was established in 1935 at the Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute in order to train regional specialists in the field of mental health.

The Head of the Department is Retunsky Konstantin Yuryevich, doctor of the highest category, doctor of medical sciences, Professor.

The main activity is teaching psychiatry to USMU students in accordance with the state educational standard, the training of psychiatrists in clinical internship and clinical residency, the training of researchers in the field of psychiatry, psychiatry and narcology in full time and part time post-graduate course.
620030, Yekaterinburg, Sibirskiy trakt, 8th km,
OGBUZ SO Sverdlovsk regional clinical psychiatric hospital
building 10, 2nd floor, Department of psychiatry of USMU
phone: 8 (343) 229 9880 (19)
Mobile: 8-912-229-01-09
Website of the department:

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