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Tsarkova Sophia Anatolievna

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The Head of the Department of polyclinic Pediatrics and Pediatrics FPK and PP is Professor, doctor of medical sciences, Tsarkova Sophia Anatolievna.
Tsarkova S. A. graduated from the Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute in 1980. After graduating from the University for 34 years she has been working at the Department of pediatric infectious diseases and clinical immunology. Over the years of work at the Department she passed the way from senior laboratory assistant to the Professor of the Department. From 2003 to 2015 Tsarkova S. A. was the dean of the faculty of advanced training and professional retraining of specialists.
Sophia Anatolievna is the author of over 230 scientific-research and educational-methodical works (including more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals), three monographs, co-author of 4 clinical guidelines of the Federal and regional levels, she is a developer of the territorial standard for emergency care of children with acute respiratory obstruction. She was the scientific advisor of five candidate dissertations. Tsarkova, S. A is a member of the Russian paediatric respiratory society, the European respiratory society (ERS), the Euro-Asian society for infectious diseases, Interregional public organization “Alliance of clinical chemio-therapists and microbiologists”, Interregional Association for clinical microbiology and antimicrobial chemotherapy (MAKMAX).
Tsarkova S.A. has been teaching over 30 years: she delivers lectures to students of the faculty of pediatrics, preventive medicine and general medicine and students of FPK and PP in the sections of pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases, pulmonology of children, clinical immunology and allergology.
Since February 2015, Tsarkova S. A. is the head of the Department of polyclinic pediatrics and pediatrics FPK and PP.

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