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Belokonova Nadezhda Anatolievna

In October 1940 the Department of inorganic and analytical chemistry was established, since1972, with the establishment of a new course of physical and colloid chemistry, it became known as the Department of General Chemistry.

Since 2008 the Head of the Department “General chemistry” is the associate professor, doctor of technical sciences, candidate of chemical sciences Belokonova Nadezhda Anatolievna.

The main educational direction that is implemented in the Department, is associated with the formation of the fundamental knowledge in chemistry required in the practical activities of the doctor (knowledge of the forms of drugs, about the logical relationship of structure and properties of organic compounds, the means of prevention) and the development of research skills within the professionally–oriented research. Topics and objects of research work are developed together with practitioners.

Address: 2nd academic building of USMU.
620026, Yekaterinburg, Dekabristov str., 32.
Phone: 8-(343)-214-85-11

Work schedule:

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