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Kulikov Alexander Veniaminovich

Equipped classrooms, facilities for conducting practical classes at the simulation center “Practice”

 The name of the room,
Location area
Basic equipment
1 Computer testing Klyuchevskaya 7 20 PC furniture
2 Debriefing room Klyuchevskaya 7 24 PC, projector, screen, furniture
3 treatment room Klyuchevskaya 7 15 Full-size dummy “Damaged Kelly”, dummy for: catheterization of the bladder, breast screening, subclavian injection, intubation of the trachea.
4 Intensive care room Klyuchevskaya 7 20 Full-size dummies “Live Anna”, “virtual Shock”, AND. Functional bed
5 PIT Klyuchevskaya 7 12 Robot simulator of level 6 of realism “Mety Men”. Functional bed
6 Standardized patient Klyuchevskaya 7 15 Functional bed, video and audio surveillance.
7 Traumatology Klyuchevskaya 7 15 Dummies of upper and lower limbs with trauma
8 Standardized patient Klyuchevskaya 7 15 Functional bed, video and audio surveillance.
9 Pediatric Unit Klyuchevskaya 7 15 Models for exercise general care skills in Pediatrics, dummies for practicing CPR, neonatal resuscitation, open system “Stork”.
10 PIT Klyuchevskaya 7 15 Robot simulator of level 6 of realism “Pedia Sim”. Robot simulator of level 4 of realism “Anna”. Functional bed
11 treatment room Klyuchevskaya 7 15 Dummies to practice skills of injections on the upper limbs, a phantom for practicing the central venous catheterization.
12 Outpatient surgical attendance Klyuchevskaya 7 18 The phantoms for rectal examination, lumbar puncture. Functional bed
13 Outpatient appointment with a cardiologist and a therapist Klyuchevskaya 7 25 Full-size dummy for physical examination and ECG, and trunks of an adult for an auscultation and ECG, functional bed.
14 Gynaecological out-patient attendance Klyuchevskaya 7 20 Full-size dummy of a woman in labour with a simulation of the labour process “Noil”, equipment for hysteroscopy, obstetric functional bed, gynecological chair.
15 Outpatient ophthalmologist attendance Klyuchevskaya 7 24 Stand for testing of vision, ophthalmoscope, furniture.
16 Ambulance Klyuchevskaya 7 32 The layout of the ambulance VW Crafter with equipment, defibrillator, full-size dummy “Live Anne,” PC.
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