Accreditation and simulation center Department of radiology fpk and pp Department site:
Kartashov Maxim Victorovich

Address: Volgogradskaya str. 189, surgical building, 5th floor, room 557.
Phone: 8-(343)-266-95-07 Opening hours: 9.00-15.00, Mon-Fri.

Information about the Head of the Department:.
Kartashov Maxim Victorovich, Associate Professor, PhD
Address: Volgogradskaya str. 189, surgical building, 6th floor, room 666.
Phone: 8-(343)-266-96-66 Email: kа
Opening hours: 9.00-15.00, Mon-Fri

Kartashov Maxim Viktorovich, associate professor, candidate of medical sciences, Head of the Department since 2015.
Kartashov M. V., graduate of the Ural state medical Institute (General medicine, 1993). From 1993 to 1994, he completed an internship in radiology at the Department of radiation diagnostics at the Ural state medical Institute. From 1994 to 2000 he worked as a junior researcher in the Ural Institute of Phthisiopulmonology. In 2000 he defended his candidate thesis on the topic: “Radiologic diagnosis of renal tuberculosis” majoring in: 14. 00. 19 – x-ray diagnosis and radiation therapy. From 2000 to 2005, he worked as a doctor-radiologist at the Department of Radiology, and from 2005 to 2014 he was the head of the Department of Radiology of the Sverdlovsk Regional Oncology Dispensary.
M. V. Kartashov has been working in the Ural State Medical University since 2004 as an assistant, since 2014 he is Associate Professor of the Department of Radiology FPK and PP. M. V. Kartashov is the author of 73 scientific papers, including 5 tutorials for students and physicians, educational programs for x-ray diagnostics for doctors, interns and residents, is the curator of the course on the basics of computer tomography.

The Department provides training of highly qualified personnel in residency majoring in 31.08.09 – Radiology, primary retraining of physicians (PP) in the field of “Radiology” and “Ultrasound diagnostic”, advanced training (AT) in the field of “Radiology” and “Ultrasound diagnostic”, advanced training on computer and magnetic resonance tomography.

Clinical settings of the department are units at the major medical institutions of Yekaterinburg:
MAU GKB № 40 (main clinical setting),
 Ural research institute of phthisiopulmonology,
 Ural research Institute of traumatology and ortopedics 
 clinic UMMC-health etc.
All clinical settings are equipped with modern digital diagnostic equipment.
Every year the Department trains 100-120 radiologists who have the ability to pass the certification, qualification examinations to obtain and validate the certificate of a specialist and to receive and confirm the qualification category.
The Department has a students scientific society. Students who wish to explore issues of radiodiagnosis, interns and residents are engaged there. Meetings of students scientific society are held monthly.

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