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Fedorov Andrey Alekseevich

Head of the Department Fedorov, Andrey Alekseevich, doctor of medical sciences, Professor.
Clinical setting 1: Sverdlovsk regional clinical hospital for war veterans;
Address: 620036, Yekaterinburg, Soboleva str., 25, polyclinic building.
Phone: 8(343)376-98-62, 8 9022669998
Person in charge: Negodaeva Elena Viktorovna

Clinical setting 2: FBUN “Yekaterinburg medical scientific centre of prophylaxis and health protection of workers of industrial enterprises” of Rospotrebnadzor (FBUN EMNC POZRPP of Rospotrebnadzor)
Address: 620014, Yekaterinburg, Moskovskaya str., 12.
Phone 89122473993
Person in charge: Borzunova Yulia Miloslavovna

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