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Tsap Natalia Alexandrovna

Head of the Department is doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Tsap Natalia Alexandrovna.
Graduate medical education – General medicine (SSMI 1978), residency “Pediatric surgery” (SSMI 1985), candidate thesis in the specialty of Pediatric surgery “Postoperative recovery of the continuity of the intestine in enterostomy and colostomy in children”, Institute of Pediatrics of RAMS, Moscow, 1995, associate professor of pediatric surgery USMA, 1997, doctoral thesis  “Improving emergency medical care for children with traumatic injuries of organs of abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space” Omsk 2011.
N.A. Tsap is the chief external expert pediatric surgeon of Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region, Department of health administration of Yekaterinburg and the Ural Federal district.
Address: Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, Reshetskaya str., 51, Children’s city clinical hospital №9
phone (343) 240-58-07

Students of pediatric faculty, faculty of preventive medicine and faculty of general medicine, interns, residents are trained at the large clinical settings, such as ODKB №1 and DGKB №9, where there is the opportunity to learn practical skills, there are modern technologies of diagnostics and treatment of surgical diseases in children. The Department has 8 classrooms, including one computer class, there is a conference hall for delivering lectures with the opportunity to illustrate the lecture with multimedia presentations. Clinic of pediatric surgery is composed of 12 surgical units and 2 intensive care units, total hospital bed capacity is 415 beds, 3 operating units, equipped with modern equipment that allows to perform complex reconstructive and minimally invasive surgery. More than 10 thousand children undergo surgery every year, 7,000-8,000 emergency and planned operations are performed. The doctors, operational technologies, scientific ideas are being improved. Important results have been achieved, allowing to reduce disability and child mortality: video endoscopic intervention, organ-preserving technologies in injuries of parenchymatous organs, there is no mortality in appendiceal peritonitis, reconstructive surgery for anomalies of the biliary system and gastrointestinal tract, correction of congenital deformities of the chest, effective treatment of purulent-inflammatory diseases in children.
Clinical settings of the Department of pediatric surgery of USMU are two multidisciplinary children’s hospitals of Yekaterinburg:
1. GBUZ SO ODKB №1. Address: Yekaterinburg, Serafimy Deryabinoy str., 32.
Phone/Fax (343) 240-58-07 (office of the head of the Department)
2. MAU DGKB №9. Address: Yekaterinburg, Reshetskaya str., 51.
Phone: (343) 215-85-14 (Associate professor Komarova S. Yu., Department of planned surgery)

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