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Vakhlova Irina Veniaminovna

Head of the Department is Vakhlova Irina Veniaminovna, doctor of medical sciences, Professor; Doctoral thesis “the Clinical significance of micronutrient deficiencies for the health of mother and child in the Ural region. The principles of prevention and correction” specialty “Pediatrics” (2005). Main scientific interests are issues of physiology and pathology, metabolic disorders in children in different age periods, children’s pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology.
620028 Yekaterinburg, Repin str., 3
phone 8(343)272-91-05
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The Department of Hospital Pediatrics is located at the clinical settings:
GBUZ SO ODKB No. 1, Consultative and diagnostic polyclinic of ODKB № 1 (Serafimy Deryabinoy str., 32, phone: 8(343)272-91-05);
MBU DGB №5, polyclinic №1 (8 Marta str., 126; phone 8(343)260-06-41), Department of pathology of newborns and premature babies (N. Onufrieva str., 32A).
Clinical settings of the Department for students training are children’s polyclinics of DGB №5, DGB №11, DGB №13; city substation of Emergency Medical Aid, which includes pediatric teams.
Scientific directions of the Department are issues of physiology and pathology of early childhood, pediatric pulmonology, nephrology, gastroenterology, cardiology, endocrinology, allergology.
The teaching staff of the department carry out the educational process and advisory work in the paediatric departments of ODKB №1 Regional children’s clinical diagnostic polyclinic (8 Marta str., 1, S. Deryabinoy str., 32), in the Department of Rehabilitation (village Romashka of the Verkhnaya-Pyshma district, the Sverdlovsk region), in polyclinic №1 of DGB № 5.
The teaching staff of the Department are chief external experts of the Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region and City health administration of Yekaterinburg in the specialties of pediatric nephrology (associate professor Zhuravleva N. With.), pediatric endocrinology (associate professor I. O. Zaikova), neonatology (assistant E. V. Dolgikh).

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