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Naboychenko Evgeniya Sergeevna

Head of Department is Naboychenko Evgeniya Sergeevna, Professor, doctor of psychological Sciences.

The Department of Clinical psychology was created in Ural State Medical Academy in 2011 for training psychologists majoring in 37.05.01 “Clinical psychology”. Training began immediately according to FSES under the license of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the OOP first professionals graduated in 2016.

The Department implements OOP 37.05.01 – “Clinical psychology”
For 5.5 years the students will master 76 subjects. The process of learning is ended by the defense of the diploma paper and State exam.

Training on the subjects – psychosomatics, clinic for internal diseases, clinical psychophysiology, neuroscience, neuropsychology, workshop on neuropsychological diagnostics – are carried out at the clinical settings of the University.
Scientific direction of the Department is psychosomatic problems of medical psychology.

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