Admission Committee 2020-2021

Step 1

Prepare your documents

General medicine
6 years of studies: 2 years in English + 4 years in Russian
Vacant places- 90


Rules of enrollment


Rules of enrollment


Requared documents


  • Scanned copy of your passport with attested translation into Russian
  • Scanned copy of your education certificate with attested translation into Russian
  • Fill in the application form(here)





Annual coast


Annual cost- RUB 240 000
Order No. 161-R on approving the cost of training for foreign citizens


If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or via WhatsApp +79221005546

Step 2

Upload your documents

Wait for the response from the University (check your e-mail regularly). It may take from 1 to 3 days. If you have not received an email from the University within 3 days, please contact us:

You will be sent 2 response letters:
1. One letter with an application form in English and Russian. You will have to print those forms and sign them in all the gaps where necessary. Then you should scan signed application forms and upload them here:
2. Another letter with the confirmation link. You will need to click on the link and confirm your application.


Step 3

Pass entrance examination



Schedule of entrance tests and consultations for foreign citizens




How to participate in examinations


All the tests will be held in the distant format (please, watch the video)

You will receive a letter with the guidelines for exams and the dates


Results of examinations


Results of examinations
To be considered for enrollment you should score 40 points in Chemistry and 50 points in Biology
Rating list

Step 4

Sign contract

ATTENTION! You need to get the certificate of education recognition from the National Information center
If you have any questions, please contact us:
You will receive an e-mail with the documents you should print and sign to be enrolled to the University(Confirmation form).
Please, scan signed documents and upload them here:

Step 5

Pay for your first year of education and find yourself in the list of students

Order of enrollment


Текст(видео, презентации и тд)


Information for students


*medical certificate


Bank details- (bank transfer)


Текст(видео, презентации и тд)


Credit card


Текст(видео, презентации и тд)


USMU contacts
Apply now 620028, г.Екатеринбург,
ул. Репина, 3
(343) 214 86 71,
Whatsapp 620109, г.Екатеринбург,
ул. Ключевская, 17
тел. (343) 214 85 45, 8 800 222 8545